din 43650 connectors pdu
din 43650 connectors
din 43650 connectors


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Power Distribution Units - PDUs

PDUs or power distribution units are power strips which are pre-designed for particular applications or can be customized to the requirements.

Basic PDUs or dumb PDUs, as they are usually know, are more suitable where the configuration of the system is known. It is helpful if the system is manned. Basic PDUs or for that matter even the smart power distribution units normally have a single input and multiple outputs.

Useful in a computing environment, PDUs help in number of ways.

  • Helps in reducing the number of power points (Input points) as power can be distributed to multiple points from this single unit

  • Wires or cables which are normally hanging all around the place gets reduced

  • Since the source of the cables are from a single unit, they can be bunched together by a clip

  • Avoids dangling wire can result in the unit to which they are connected shut down due to users accidentally tripping over them.

  • Rack mounted PDUs are advisable over the ones with bracket as they can be mounted on server racks either horizontally or vertically

  • In most cases where the power is required to be continuously on, as in case of data centers, accidental shut downs can be avoided by using a PDU without a switch

  • Removing and adding units to the network gets easier

  • Other devices need not be shut down for adding or removing an unit to the network

  • Customized PDUs can be developed as per the users requirements.
    Customized PDUs