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din 43650 connectors
din 43650 connectors


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Elcom PDUs / Elcom Power Distribution Units

Elcom PDUs / Elcom Power Distribution Units

General electric supply systems provides one or two supply points, but most of the appliances, computer systems / peripherals require individual supply points. This calls multiple outlets to feed the power to individual appliances / equipments / systems.
Elcom Power Distribution Units, Elcom PDUs, broadly serve the function in such areas.

Besides power distribution, PDUs also provide RFI / EMI line filteration and protection to the appliances / equipment from lightening, switching surges, short circuits, over voltage and over current by incorporating specialized devices in the circuit.

Elcom PDUs are supplied in two types of enclosures i.e. In plastic and in powder coated steel. Enclosures of plastic category are molded with virgin ABS on PLC based injection molding machines which gives a fine surface finish with accurate size and shape. Enclosures of metal category are fabricated from mild steel sheets giving it a plain smooth surface finish with vertical grain orientation. Fabricated enclosures are passed through a 7 tank cleaning process before powder coating. The surface is then coated with a 60-75 micron thickness coating finish. Colors of the surface can be changed as per customer request.

Input – Supply to PDU is fed through a power cord with 3 pin plug suitable for Indian supply connections (socket). It can also be fed through a IEC 60320 C14 Inlet.
Output – Multiple outlets are provided with either Indian sockets (5 pin / 3 pin), IEC 60320 outlets or universal sockets. Output can be be customized in different combinations of the above three types.

Rocker switches of required current ratings are provided to on / off the power fed to the output circuit. On request, separate rocker switches can be provided to individual power outlet points. Rocker switches can in provided in either illuminated or non-illuminated type.

Surge Protection – Appliances / equipments connected through the PDU are protected from lighting and switching surges by providing surge protection devices like MOV's, tranzorbs, GD tubes etc.

EMI Suppression – Electro Magnetic Interference coming in the PDU circuit and getting out from the outlets to the equipment are suppressed with EMI / RFI line filters provided in the circuit. It attenuates average 50 db noise level in the frequency band of 150 KHz to 30 Mhz, providing noise free power supply to the entire load connected through the PDU.

Short Circuit / Over Current – a) Resettable circuit breaker or switch of required current rating is provided to isolate the output / input during flow of short circuit / over current. Supply system gets reseted in a fraction of minute after tripping.
b) Fuse provided to the circuit gets blown on attempt of flow of short circuit / over current. Supply can be restored by replacing with a new glass fuse.

Line status indicator circuit can be added on request to provide the information on the supply / connection status
Power cord and cord sets can be supplied that will allow connection between PDU power mains outlet and equipment mains inlet.