din 43650 connectors pdu
din 43650 connectors
din 43650 connectors


DIN 43650 Connectors
VDE Approved DIN Solenoid Connectors
Fuse Constrution
Power Distribution Units - PDUs
Elico Professional Grade Toggle Switches
Understanding RFI / EMI Line Filters
EMI / RFI Line Filter Parameters
Filter Selection Guidelines
Elcom PDUs / Elcom Power Distribution Units

Filter Selection Guidelines

1. Application - To protect the equipment from incoming interference or to suppress the interference generated by the equipment

2. Package and Mounting – Type of package (Plastic, metal), input / output termination, mounting style (Panel / Chassis / PCB mounting)

3. Rating – Voltage and current rating

4. Attenuation – Based on insertion loss curve of the filter matched with the operating environment.

5. Appliance type - With or without ground

6. Leakage Current Based on leakage current specified for the filter model

Elcom International RFI / EMI Line Filters