din 43650 connectors pdu
din 43650 connectors
din 43650 connectors


DIN 43650 Connectors
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Elico Professional Grade Toggle Switches

Elico has a wide range of miniature toggle switches. Elico manufactures sophisticated Professional Grade Toggle Switches for use in telecommunication and Instrumentation industry. Elico has a variety of push button switches and toggle switches for all price ranges.

Elico switches confirm to JSS:51201 and MIL S-83731 for toggle and JSS:51205 for push button series.
Many of the switches have been accorded approvals by Defence and Telecom establishments like LCSO, DOT, C-DOT, EXACT, CACT, ITI, BEL etc.
Variety of current ratings and configurations -  Available in low, medium and high current ratings in solder type or PCM mounting, the Elico switches are available in toggle or plunger type. PCB Mounting switches can be ordered in solder lug or PCB termination (Straight, right angle horizontal and right angle vertical).