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din 43650 connectors
din 43650 connectors


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VDE Approved DIN Solenoid Connectors

Elcom International Pvt. Ltd, an ISO 9001-2000 certified company, are pioneers in the field of professional grade electro-mechanical and electronic components. Elcom International manufactures VDE approved range of DIN 43650 solenoid connectors.

Product features:

VDE approved range of DIN-43650 solenoid connectors is widely used in Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electromagnetic components and equipments. The connectors are designed for demanding conditions and are impact, dust and water-jet resistant. The unique design of HD series feature being formed contacts ensures long life. It prevents surface damage due to frequent plugging and unplugging. Vibration proof interlocking is achieved with the central anchoring screw. A contact carrier firmly locks into the casing to avoid accidental contact with any live parts when the control screw is unscrewed. The connectors are available with attractive transparent casing and optical indicators. The product range is available with protection as well as with rectfiers. Versions are available with Diodes, Varistors and capacitors.

Din 43650 solenoid connectors from Elcom International have the following special features:

  • Formed contact springs prevent surface damage to the contact even after plugging and unplugging several times.
  • Central screw ensures vibration proof interlocking
  • Contact carrier firmly locks into the casing to prevent accidental contact with live parts even when the central screw is unscrewed.
  • Protected against dust an water jets
  • Casing is made from impact resistant plastic
  • Available models with transparent casing and optical indicators
  • Designed for heavy duty conditions
  • As per IP 65 when plugged and screwed with gasket
  • Plug and socket moulded in glass reinforced polyamide with cable entry option of DIN 43650 solenoid connector with PG-9 (4.5 to 7mm) and DIN 43650 solenoid connector with PG-11 (6 to 10mm)
  • Plugs are available for fixing on plain flat or round surfaces